Is the Rise in Colorados Homeless Population Attributable to Cannabis

Is the Rise in Colorado’s Homeless Population Attributable to Cannabis?

The "green rush" that was ignited by the legalization of marijuana has been found to extend not only to business people but the homeless population as well. The homeless population in Denver, Colorado has risen 8 percent since 2013, the year after marijuana was made legal in the state. With its known ability to help addicts recover from opioid...


Cannabis Genetics Find Further Potential in Genome Map Unveiling

Cannabis Genetics Unlock Further Potential with Genome Map Unveiling

There are innumerable uses for cannabis at this point in time. 1/5 of the country has legalized it for recreational use while 29 states have legalized it for medicinal purposes. Meanwhile, hemp has continued to be used in clothes, rope, plastic, paper, oil-based products, body lotions and food just to name a few things. With so many different strains...