Giving BYOB a Whole New Meaning (Bring Your Own Bud)

The future of the decriminalization of marijuana in our nation continues to hang in the balance, with advocates and naysayers alike keeping a close eye on the early adopters in Colorado and Washington. A recent study by online legal resource Avvo found 70% of Colorado and Washington residents out of nearly 2,200 polled believed that in the not-too-distant future, bringing pot to a dinner party will be as routine as a bottle of wine.

Colorado and Washington in many ways are the guinea pigs for the marijuana industry as it stands as a decriminalized entity. The two states have enacted laws that allow for recreational use of marijuana, the first to do so. These newly passed laws demonstrate a growing contingent of Americans that see cannabis use as becoming more and more normalized. With the normalization of marijuana use comes the comfort of seeing pot in settings in a new and creative way. Enter pot substituting for wine as a dinner party gift.

The ramifications of the results from surveys such as these are potentially quite vast, especially from a resource such as Avvo – the web’s largest legal marketplace for consumers and attorneys. Almost more interesting than this singular statistic are the other findings produced by the survey: despite the increasing acceptance, smoking pot in front of the kids is still taboo (89% would not consider it, including 75% of those who intend to purchase pot in the future).

While these results may not be particularly surprising, given that the constituents of each state passed laws for recreational use, pot as a gift at a dinner party still provides a striking image. No doubt the survey demonstrates a shift in thinking, as pot continues to move from its status as taboo, and moves ever closer into the mainstream.


The Next Wedding Craze: Blaze

The wedding planning game has changed, again. Just when we thought we had seen it all: flash mob entrances, best man breakout dances, and every kind of themed wedding idea under the sun…now we have weddings that are 420 friendly.

Brides in Colorado and Washington state are able to legally consider including marijuana as part of their big day. This groundbreaking enterprise is one that Jane West, owner of Edible Events, has quickly jumped onboard. Edible Events is a Denver event planning company that caters to the cannabis palate. She left her job as an event planner in corporate America to focus solely on her growing list of clients who want to host classy events that include marijuana on the itinerary. “My concept is about catering to all the senses in a way that heightens the cannabis experience,” says West. She works on creating music and foods that accompany that experience, too.

So the question remains: How do you plan a wedding that incorporates cannabis that is safe, effective, and pleasurable for all involved? Essentially, utilize the rules for alcohol and smoking to successfully implement marijuana at your celebration.

Designate a pot-smoking area

While brides and grooms should never feel the need to “warn” guests about an activity that’s perfectly legal, there should be some considerations put in place when marijuana is part of the celebration, according to Jodi R. R. Smith, an etiquette expert and the owner of Massachusetts-based Mannersmith Etiquette Consulting.

“For social marijuana use at a wedding, the same guidelines which apply to smoking should apply to marijuana,” explains Smith. “There should be a separate area, well ventilated, where those who wish to partake are able to do so without bothering other guests.”

It goes without saying that not all guests will be smoking at the event, and you want those guests to enjoy themselves, too.

Keep it discreet.

Most social marijuana smoking can be very discreet, according to West. “There are vaporizers and other ways people can enjoy cannabis without bother anyone else,” she says. “It’s unlikely you’ll see a bunch of people just passing around a joint.”

The strategy here is simple: keep it classy. Unless you have an overwhelming majority of 420-friendly guests at your wedding, discretion is key.

Treat it like an open bar.

Smith recognizes that some couples will want to provide marijuana as a way to show appreciation to guests, and in these cases she insists it be handled like an open bar concept.

“It’s ungracious to expect guests to have to open their wallets when invited to an event.” In addition, there may be guests that bring their own, which should also be handled accordingly, either by sharing with the group, or making it know that their stash of marijuana is for their use only.

Be prepared for criticism.

What about those guests who may be offended by the presence of cannabis, despite its legality?

“Ultimately, the day belongs to the bride and groom. People could be offended by anything – alcohol, certain guests being invited, same-sex weddings – you name it,” says West. “To celebrate someone’s special day, you have to accept what he or she wants.”

Ultimately, it’s your day. Do what you want, just try to be respectful of your guests so that everyone has a great time.

The possibilities for integration of marijuana in a wedding are nearly endless. There are multiple ways to include it and have a great time. I encourage you to get creative, and discover fun and new ways on your own.


710 Vaporizer Review

Like we said, you don’t have time to review all the goods at your local head shop, so we’ll scour the internet for you and review your favorite marijuana smoking supplies and concentrate accessories.  Sit back, smoke a bowl, and get lost in a world of dab concentrate tools and percolators.

This month, We’ll be looking at the 710 Pen Review and how this pen fairs in comparison to other vaporizers on the market today.

– ONE 710Pen with 5 click shut off system
– ONE 710cart (transparent cartomizer)
– ONE 710cart shell (for protecting the cartomizer)
– ONE Inhaler (flat shape with more comfortability)
– ONE Inhaler Cap (for keeping the inhaler clean and hygienic)
– ONE 710tool to easily fill the 710cart

– ONE USB Charger

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Simple Step-By-Step Guide For Making Premium Shatter BHO


  1. Take some good fresh uncut bud that has been dried. An ounce of high quality bud can yield you 3.6g of shatter provided you use about 12oz of butane and wash it twice.
  2. Place the bud in an extraction tube that is made of thick glass and is real clean. You don’t want excess contaminants in your batch that will degrade your dabs. You want to also make sure that there are no air pockets inside the tube, and you can eliminate those by using a rod to neatly but not overly pack your bud.
  3. On other end of the extraction tube you want to drip your butane through it in a slow yet evenly paced manner. On the opposite end use/attach coffee filters so that the liquid which runs down will have to go through it. The drippings should fall onto a collection dish. Note that you should do the extraction process outside as there is a chance of explosions or bursts of fire if the butane is dripped too fast.
  4. Once your butane can is spent remove it and let the excess butane still in the tube make its way down through the filter and into your pan.
  5. Next is the evaporation part of the process. Your pan should be filled with this golden brown liquid. Take your collection dish and place it in a larger frying pan filled with hot water and your mixture should begin to bubble. Change the water as needed if it cools and don’t expose it to the hot water for a long time as your product will become dark and degraded. Once the oil stops bubbling you are done and can scrape the product and either smoke it or place them in glass vials.

DISCLAIMER: This is just a guide laying out the steps to how shatter is made using butane.  I am not recommending that any of you try this at home without proper equipment or experience because it could involve in injury as butane is highly flammable and can be explosive.  This is an article meant to inform, not meant to inspire recreational weed smokers to screw around with butane and their leftover stash.

Commissioner States That NFL Could Legalize Medical Marijuana

NFL marijuana

We all know that the National Football League (NFL) has banned numerous players for the use of marijuana due to the league’s strict substance ban and abuse policy.  But this may no longer be the case in the near future.  The head commissioner of the NFL, Roger Goodell has opened up to the Associated Press about his stance on the NFL and marijuana use since the successful legalization of recreational marijuana in Colorado at the beginning of this year.  According to ESPN reports, commissioner Goodell stated that he could envision a time when players could turn to marijuana to treat pain in states where medical marijuana has already been legalized:  “I don’t know what’s going to develop as far as the next opportunity for medicine to evolve and to help either deal with pain or help deal with injuries, but we will continue to support the evolution of medicine.”

The major setback from this issue being pushed faster is the league’s 10 year collective bargaining agreement.  Marijuana remains a prohibited drug under the NFL’s substance abuse policy and this agreement was last set in place in 2011 and isn’t set to expire until 2021.  The loophole pointed out by Rt.com shows that the CBA only bans the “illegal use of marijuana, meaning a potential gray area exists concerning situations and states where legal and medical marijuana is permitted.”

In a sport where players are beat and battered week after week with pain, the NFL would be a prime example for the sports world in which medical cannabis could properly be used and regulated for the benefit of the players and sports as a whole.  What do you think?

Why You Should Buy a Bubbler Pipe for Smoking Marijuana


Bubblers have since been the mystical method for smoking Marijuana to me.  Why is it mystical you might ask?  On first look to a novice it may look like a fancy pipe but for those that have marveled over the glasswork, you could get lost in the twists and turns funneling into multiple chambers, a water reservoir, and eventually getting you blazed.  Most people commonly use pipes, bong or simply roll a joint and blaze it the good ol’ traditional way to get high.   This article was written for those of you who haven’t smoked from a bubbler before, just give me 1 minute of your time.

Bubblers can be an alternative and fun method for smoking and should be used to add variety to your smoking experience.  Bubblers are usually alot smaller than your standard bongs and have a bowl, similar to that at the end of a pipe, which is removable and is located at the top of a cylinder (I’m sure you’ve seen it before). It is then inserted inside the bubbler and the bubbler is partially filled with water at a point above the cylinder object. A person then lights the bowl. Smoke then travels through the water and into the mouth of the user when he or she releases their thumb from the base of the bubbler. The water helps filter the THC and also decrease the temperature of the smoke that is inhaled.  So in the end its kinda like smoking a the lovechild of a bong and pipe.   But in my opinion and the opinion of many other bubbler users, the end result is a smoother smoke than that of a pipe.  Be careful though, as the water in the bubbler gets dirty real fast and if you pull the smoke too hard, you are likely to inhale some of that skunked water as well.  I recommend cleaning out the bubbler and emptying the water after every smoke session to ensure a great experience every time, but who am I kidding, that never happens.  So just make sure you clean it out once every few uses to keep your bubbler just as majestic as when you first saw it on the store shelves or in your online shopping cart.  Having a larger than pocket sized bong is just down right convenient.  Your hits are likely to not be as strong as fat as your bong hits but they will get the job done especially if you have some good bud.  No go fill that bubbler up with some water and let it rip!

Governor of New York Changes Stance To Loosen Marijuana Laws

governor cuomo marijuana new york

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo of New York has long been known for his hard stance  against legalizing marijuana of any kind in New York.  This change of position comes a shock to many but digging deeper into his political history, we can see that Gov. Cuomo lead the charge in the legalization of same-sex marriages in New York in 2011.  Gov. Cuomo has made major moves in the past few years in the area of social policy in an effort to bolster his popularity with the voting public.  Because of Gov. Cuomo, gay marriage is now legal in New York and gun laws in the state are one of the nation’s toughest.  Although he has began spearheading abortion rights in his state, that effort has not achieved the success of his other campaigns that have most recently put him in the glowing spotlight of public approval.

Although New York is not going to be competing in the liberal likes of Colorado or California, this shift in legislation allowing those with serious illness have access to medical marijuana is a huge leap for the state of New York where possession and distribution of drugs carry some of the heaviest penalties in the nation.  The legislation proposed will allow 20 hospitals in the state to prescribe medical marijuana to patients with cancer, glaucoma, and other diseases that meet the standards set by the New York State Department of Health.

Moves like this are big in cannabis legalization efforts because it gives the public a chance to understand that when all efforts to treat medical illnesses are exhausted, medical marijuana can be used positively.  When you have highly populated states such as California and New York setting examples of effective regulation, others will follow in due time.  It’s hard to say if Colorado had any affect on Gov. Cuomo’s new plans to offer medical cannabis, but one thing is for sure, he’s not afraid to tackle big issues and go with what he thinks is right.  Keep on advocating Gov. Cuomo, we’re all behind you

A No-Frills Guide To Buying Weed In Colorado

The great state of Colorado opened it’s doors to Marijuana use on January 1st , 2014 (aka Green Wednesday).  The marijuana dispensary doors are now officially open for business and you want to get in on the action, here’s a few things you should know without having to read the Colorado marijuana use laws.

Who Can Buy Marijuana For Recreational Use?  Colorado’s age requirement to buy Marijuana is anyone that is 21 and older with a valid government issued ID.  As long as you are of age, you can legally purchase, possess, and smoke Marijuana in the state.  Colorado also has what I call a “sharing is caring” clause.  You can share your weed with anyone else who is 21 years or older as long there is no exchange of Marijuana for money.

I’m Not From Colorado, Can I Still Buy Marijuana?  The same laws apply to all United States citizens as stated above.  As long as your over 21 years of age with valid ID, you can cruise into a licensed retail shop and buy up to 1/4 ounce (out-of-state limitation)

What If I’m Not 21 Years Old But Over 18?  Great news for those over 18 years old but under 21, you can still buy Marijuana as long as you have a medical marijuana card.  Colorado legalized medical marijuana in 2000 but has now dropped the annual registration fee for the medical marijuana card to only $15 per year!

OK, I’m Finally In Colorado, Where Can I Buy Weed?  There have been 136 retail marijuana shop licenses issued throughout Colorado but MOST of these are in Denver.  But if you somehow find yourself in Summit County, there are four shops there as well.

How Much Marijuana Can I Buy?  If your a Colorado resident, you can buy up to 1 ounce of weed (equivalent to 60 normal sized joints) and out-of-state visitors can buy 1/4 ounce of weed at one time (equivalent to 15 normal sized joints).  That’s still alot of joints so there is nothing to worry about with this limitation.

Lastly, How Much Money Should I Prepare?  Your typical purchase of an eighth of an ounce will run anywhere between $25 to $45 with taxes on top.  The state tax is set at 25% and a very nice 5% city/county tax assessed in most places.

I Didn’t Smoke All My Weed, Can I Take It Back Home For My Family And Friends?  No.  Although you bought it legally, it is still illegal to take it with you across state lines.  It can even be tricky to transporting weed from city to city within Colorado because each city  and county have set their own individual marijuana laws.

Clean Butane Hash Oil Extraction: Vacuum Ovens Alternative

Following up with the original post about BHO extraction, some of our readers have suggested a few other alternatives (safer means of extraction) that I will be covering in the weeks to come.  I am all for smoking the good stuff but safety is always first.  So here is my vacuum edition of BHO extraction.

If you have the means and the money to purchase a vacuum oven, I suggest you do it if you want to smoke the cleanest wax ever. Vacuum Ovens can be a bit pricey especially for the good one and range from $1000 to $2500. Multiple websites such as eBay sell used vacuum ovens that are substantially cheaper (ranging from $200-$1000). Vacuum Ovens allow for even temperature control at low temps. Chemical duty vacuum pumps allow the user to insert his residue made by pushing butane through cannabis, and collect residual butane so that you may dispose of it. These types of pumps won’t be harmed by the butane and will last a lot longer that other type of pumps. You can also make large batches of shatter using vacuum ovens rather than other vacuum methods.

If you do not have the cash flow to purchase a vacuum oven, I suggest you at least use a glass vacuum desiccation chamber with a hot plate inside. Raising the hotplate temperature to 115F in the vacuum that is set at -29.9hg will leave behind a clear shatter when cooled. If your shatter remains sticky, you should purge it again. Small bubbles may exist in the end product but this is the result of not using a better purging mechanism like a vacuum oven. You should always smell your shatter to make sure there is no butane in it. A well prepared sharer will smell very good, and should serve as an assurance that no residual butane is left.

Marijuana Cultivation: Types Of Grow Lights Explained

Growing your own marijuana can be a difficult and tedious task. One aspect of growing is the light source you use. Marijuana isn’t legal everywhere so growing it openly in the sun is out of the question for many, not to mention the ease of theft if grown outside. Moreover, individuals living in certain parts of the world where sunlight is scarce will have a hard time in finding the right place to grow their strains. One popular solution is to grow their product inside somewhere and use special lights that act like the sun and encourage growth.

Light intensity is measured in nanometers (nm) of one specific wave length of light.  Marijuana plants differ in the appropriate amount of intensity that they need. For vegetative growth marijuana plants need about 420-550nm of intensity while for pre-flowering and budding they need about 550-670nm for optimal growth.

There exist three typical grow lights out in the market that many use to grow indoors. These lights are: HPS (high pressure sodium) lights, MH (metal halide) lights and LED (light-emitting diode) grow lights. HPS lights offer an intensity of 540nm to 700nm and are great in promoting budding of the plant while MH lights only offer intensity ranging from 350nm to 550nm and are used to promote vegetative growth. One downside to using these types of high intensity lights is that they get extremely hot and cooling fans are also needed to prevent them from overheating or blowing. LED grow lights offer the broadest range of intensity (from 420-750nm) making it the best but most expensive for growing marijuana. If you have the cash flow, you best use LED lamps as they offer the best lighting source for all your marijuana needs.