Seniors Turning to Cannabis as Chronic Pain Leads Reasons for Medical Cannabis Use

Seniors Turn to Cannabis with Chronic Pain as Leading Reason

Marijuana has become widely known for its medicinal benefits in recent years with over 30 states legalizing for medicinal purposes. Users report relief from chronic pain, nausea, digestive problems, and sleeping complaints among many other issues, all with reduced side effects and more efficiency than prescription medication. It’s no wonder the senior community has caught on to the benefits...


We Chose the 5 Best Pre-Rolled Cones on the Market

These Are the 5 Best Pre-Rolled Cones on the Market

Pre-rolls are often the hottest selling cannabis items during the 420 holiday; a fact which initially perplexed veteran herb enthusiasts who saw them as… well… kind of square. Even those who enjoyed a classic joint got a certain sense of satisfaction from rolling it on their own. So who was buying those pre-rolls? It’s likely that the popularity of pre-rolls,...